Moving along

Moving along

Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting back int he swing of things

Well,you know when you haven't been riding enough when after a ride your rear is sore.Yesterday I took Guinness is LBL for his first trail ride with any significant mileage.It was also the first real ride with any distance with my new saddle.We did a combined length of about 10-12 miles.Mostly walking with a couple trot intervals when the footing allowed it.We have had alot of rain and snow in Western Ky this winter so you can imagine how sloppy the trails are.Although we had a great season last year I feel we are starting this coming season a little behind.I had an injury in Dec and the search for a new saddle took longer than I had anticipated.I'm thinking however that the time off has been good for Guinness after a tough first 50 mile ride in Oct.With a 50 behind us I feel more confident that he can do this sport and can relax into a peace of mind knowing that we are on the right track.
Hmm,well now that I feel we must begin slowly to regain our fitness my goals have changed a bit.I plan to make Chicken Chase in April our first ride of the season.We will be riding the 30 as I want to show Guinness that every Endurance ride will not be as tough as the last ride he did.It will be interesting to see if riding in the same location effects him in anyway.For the next couple of weeks I plan to ride him a couple times a week on the trail ,focusing on long slow distance.Then a day of arena work of Dressage and lunging.Each trail ride I will focus on intervals of walking and trotting.
Always hoping that my gut instinct is right about training.

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