Moving along

Moving along

Thursday, February 18, 2010

First things first

Well,here I go .the start of my own real blog.Not really sure why I feel a need to write details of my life and experiences.I must be some kind of frustrated writer deep down.The nice thing about this fourum is that I don't have to suffer rejections from publishers of cringe at constructive comments.:)
I have decided to make this about riding and my attempt at the sport of Endurance.Family stuff will just have to remain with me.Besides I think my family would revolt if they logged on to find stories of yelling kids,burned out parents and multiple stories of how we may not be living up to the idea of the "Clevers".However, let me fore warn you members of the Collin's clan;the most absurd and hallarious of happenings in our life will I'm sure sneak into Hoofprints as needed.
Purpose of this blog;hmmm.Well as I began my venture into Endurance I found a tough time getting "the real scoop" for Newbies.Yes,I found lots of good articles on the AERC website and more experienced riders were always there to help,but there was just something missing.Missing was the information and sharing of experiences from those of us who were lovingly called"Newbies".I wanted to know things like what exactly goes on at the vet check.Do I joke with the vet or carry on as if I knew what I was doing.What do you do if you have to go to the bathroom.Who in my area is "Newbie"friendly.What's the cool tak look like.Do I call it a race or a ride?Some of these I have found out the hard way.So,this blog is for all you riders out there like me who want to start there Endurance adventure ,and learn from the experiences and mistakes from a fellow "Newbie "who is not afraid to "put themselves out there" and post things that may not be the most flattering.Hopefully you can learn from me as I morph into an Endurance rider.Will post weekly about training rides,rides,tack and other things related to Endurance.I'm not the expert,just brave enough to post journey.
I have been training and riding Endurance now with my horse Guinness for about 11/2 years.It's been a joy to start my own horse.Still consider myself a Newbie and not sure when that will change.I think that I will always be learning and probably will never feel I at the top of my game.Can imagine even Sally Swift felt as if she was still learning about people,horses and riding till the day she died;and that will be me as well.
So as I close my first real true blog post ,buckle up and get ready for an exciting season.Welcome to Hoofprints.Enjoy the ride.

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  1. Best of luck Newbie Girl. A passion for your sport, life and horses is evident in your first blog article. Keep writing.